Lowell Public School System
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College and Career Curriculum and Resources

Career Links   Lists Margie Miller’s contact information and several websites on Occupational Exploration. 

Adult Career Pathways – Training and Support Center.  Career Pathways is a term for a series of connected education and training strategies and support services for individuals to secure certifications and employmnet.  

**Other Career Awareness and Career Planning Resources are located in our shared network  Drive.  See:  Library CCR Resources. 

Common Core Standards

Common Core State Standards (CCSS)  


 Classroom Resources:

General Sites of interest for ABE, ASE and ESOL Teachers  


Integrating Technology into the Classroom  

Literacy Information and Communication Sytem :

  • LINCS – A professional learning community for adult educators that provides access to resources, professional development, and a connected network of practioners. 

MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education  

World Education  

SABES (System for Adult Basic Educ. Support)  

New England Literacy Resource Center  

MCAE (MA Coalition for Adult Education)