Lowell Public School System

The Lowell Adult Education Center, part of the Lowell Public School System, became a full-time center for Adult Basic Education (ABE) in 1977 after 100 years of limited part-time offerings at night.   The center has experienced continuous growth and development since 1977 and is now offers classes 54 hours per week.  Our main office is located at 408 Merrimack Street, Lowell, MA. We are open Monday- Friday from 8:30 am-3:30 pm.

The center’s mission and philosophy are to provide a full array of adult basic education services and opportunities to out-of-school youth and adults in the Greater Lowell area in need of Adult Basic Education (ABE) classes or English language instruction.

The Lowell Adult Education Center has become one of the largest programs of basic education in Massachusetts and New England, educating more than 2400 adults each year.  Our program graduates more than 500 adults with high school credentials and more than 700 foreign speaking adults earn English competency certificates on a yearly basis.  It is a privilege for us to serve the greater Lowell community and we continue to be committed to providing excellence in educational services for those most in need.

Choose a link below to see a student produced video about the Lowell Adult Education Center.