Lowell Public School System

Adult Secondary Education

Adult Secondary Education (ASE)  classes at various levels are offered both in the mornings and evenings to help adults prepare for the Hi-Set tests. Anyone who is a minimum of 16 years old and has withdrawn from school is eligible to participate in test preparation classes. Experienced teachers are available to ensure successful completion of the Hi-Set. The entire staff and student body invite adult learners to participate in a comfortable, non-threatening learning experience.

Beginning in  January 2014,  the Hi-Set Test will be the high school equivalency assessment  in Massachusetts.  It  is the equivalent to a high school diploma. It is accepted as a high school credential by employers and colleges. A  person must pass a written multiple choice test in each of the following areas: Writing Skills, Social Studies, Science, Literature and the Arts, and Mathematics.

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Adults from various cultural backgrounds come together to learn to read, write, speak, and listen to the English language. Foreign speaking adults are placed in introductory, beginning, or intermediate classes to improve their communication, reading, and writing skills. The diverse population represents people of various ages. All instruction is in English.

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