Lowell Public School System


The Resource Directory gives information about community agencies whose services help Lowell Adult Education Center (LAEC) students achieve Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) goals. 

Every year, students fill out a Goal Sheet indicating the goals they will be working on.  This Directory has been set up to correspond with the Goal Sheet.  The Goal Sheet and the Directory  list  6 sections of DESE goals: 

There is an additional section titled “Other Community Services”. This section lists agencies and services that may be of interest to students; however, the services may not be directly connected to DESE goals.


On this page you can find direct links to some of the Resource Directory Attachments.


If you do not find the information you need, please talk with your teacher or contact one of the LAEC Advisors. 

You may also go to mvhub.com, a directory of non-profit services in Lowell and the surrounding area.


 If you are sending someone to an agency in the Resource Directory or using an agency for your needs, please call first to make sure the information in the directory is current. 


If you find that some information is not correct or you think some information should be added, please let us know. Thank you and good luck in achieving your goals!



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